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A SUNDAY KIND OF LOVE…Don Hanson: Echoes of Light
by George W. Harris • August 18, 2022 • 0 Comments
Don Hanson uses his saxophones as his pulpit as he preaches the gospel of light and love with his team of vocalist Joy Hanson, pianist Shingo Kano, bassist Don Hanson II and drummer Reggie Nicholson. Don’t expect songs from your Trinity Hymnal, however, as Hanson shows he knows how to swing, as his alto teams with Joy’s soulful voice on the bouncy “Do You Know” and holy rolling “New Life Today”. Both Joy and Don Hanson’s tenor are tender on “His Love” and they both testify on the hip “Dawn of a New Man”. With so many albums talking about the problems in the world, it’s refreshing to hear of a positive solution as on “Jesus Is”. Can we pass this one around to a few million people?